Fan Art

I recieved this bit of fan art from Tim Turner of Red Gate Society as part of the 2006 Secret Santa Comic Exchange.

This strip was made by Kristan Norris of NSTA as part of the 2005 Secret Santa Comic Exchange. It was really cool to see the roomies characters drawn in a much more different (and better looking) style!

This comic was made by my great friend Matt (aka Protoform-X) who Kip's character is based off of

This little sketch was made by one of our forum regulars, J2. He thought Martoff needed a more anime look (and he also needs to get a scanner so he doesn't have to use a webcam to take pictures of his art!)

This strip was made by Dolores Fogarty of Don and Doll as part of the 2007 April Fool's Day exchange.

This sweet pic was provided by Keong of t-n-t for the [i] 2007 Secret Santa Exchange (click for big version):

This insanely huge piece of comic was provided by Lauren Farnsworth and Stuart Taylor of Chain Bear

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