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Chitake & Jim989 viewsChitake and Jim striking a cool pose!
Chitake Wallpaper984 viewsThis is my first attempt at making a wallpaper, this is of Chitake, jumping into battle with his blade at the ready!
Christmas Wallpaper997 viewsthis is a high res version of Kip about to get in a fight with Santa for leaving him coal.
Girl with Gun1026 viewsJust a cool drawing I did of a girl with a gun running on a sidewalk, a decent attempt to draw somebody at an angle I think.
Roomies Halloween Desktop979 viewsIt's the Halloween 2006 desktop! Yay Halloween!
Monday Coffee1042 viewsThis desktop is made in honor of the coffee mug! It's especially made for Trump_Card, who always screams for coffee, every Monday!
Pirate vs Ninja1050 viewsA pirate and a ninja dueling it out on a Japanese dock.
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