Welcome to The April Fool's Day Webcomic Exchange for 2007!

Yes, I know this website sucks, I threw it together in 10 minutes, if I have some more time I will try to make it look pretty, but for now please forgive me.

The April Fool's Day Webcomic Exchange is a chance for you to mix things up for April Fool's Day, everybody will be randomly assigned another comic to do a guest strip for, to be posted on their webcomic on April 1st, 2007. You will also have another random person create a comic for you. The point of this, of course, is to play a small joke on your readers, and perhaps make a couple new friends in the webcomic world.

The Schedule:
March 3rd, 2007, 11:59 pm Eastern Time Last possible moment to send in an application to join the Exchange
March 4th, 2007 Comic assignments will be randomly drawn, and you will recieve an e-mail with who you are making a comic for, and who is making a comic for you.
March 25th, 2007 Deadline to submit your comic assignment to it's destination.
March 26th, 2007 Broad shouldered thugs visit your house if you haven't sent out your assignment yet.
April 1, 2007 Post your April Fool's Day Strip.

The April Fool's Day Webcomic Exchange is proudly hosted by: